Welcome to the Bonfleur affiliate program!

Bonfleur affiliate program! People used to get their cannabis by word of mouth, word on the street and friend-to-friend. Why change that now? 

We love community so we’ve put together a generous affiliate (referral) program. Every time you refer a friend, we’ll pay you 15% of sales USD for all.

new customers, plus 5% for returning customers, via PayPal paid quarterly as long as all initial requirements have been met.

We’ve chosen to invest in building a community where we can empower each other and YOU can earn extra income through sharing the remarkable benefits of CBD.

Once signed up, you’ll get a custom url and promo code that can be shared with friends and loved ones to start earning commissions.

You’ll also have access to custom resources and live progress monitoring as your commissions roll in.

Get started in just a few minutes. We’ll even help you spread the word via social media. The people you connect to our products will thank you, and so will we.

Our name implies good flower because we believe that powerful plants can provide powerful healing. 

Hand-blended tinctures, balms, and soaking salts offer ample opportunity to address the impacts of pain and inflammation, stress and sleep issues.

Sourced regionally in the Pacific Northwest from East Fork Cultivars, a Clean Green Certified farm, our CBD comes from pesticide-free plants grown in the sunshine. 

Our partners love and nurture their plants so those plants can help us nurture YOU.

Contact us for more information.

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